In today’s fast paced lifestyle the rarest commodity is the “time”, we all wish we had more. It is becoming increasingly difficult in growing cities to click all the daily TODOs, given the sheer quantity of mini tasks one has to achieve in a day and more than often something or other is left undone. How many times have we wished for a little help?

SOPO DELY revolutionizes the way you move things, this instant delivery app can help you get your groceries, parcels, food, medicine, your suits at drycleaners, your dress at the tailor, your forgotten keys, charger, phone, gift, movie ticket, your business samples at the supplier and more. It can both buy for you and just deliver your desired package from point A to point B, in your city.

We are simply:

  • Cost Effective
  • Easy in Technology
  • Fast in Service
  • Safe and Secure
  • Cash Free Handling

How we works ?

Request a Pickup/Purchase

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On Time Delivery

Managing Your Deliveries Has Never Been So Easy!

Ocean Freight

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It’s Time Efficient

Our delivery partner will pick your package within 15 minutes, leaving more time for you to utilize.

It’s Easy to Manage

Track your package, Check your Account, Have a record of your past orders. All easily manageable through our app.

It’s Budget Friendly

Sopo’s Service costs less than the cost of doing the errand o your own & promise to keep it that way.

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World of Convenience



Please restrict your parcels as per dimensions.

SopoDely is not only a need to be used but is also a service that is nice to be used due to its extra ordinary features and extremely cost effective service.

Well you can very well get to know your delivery charges as soon as you confirm your booking on our Mobile Application.

Yet for your convenience our rates are as follow:

  • Base Fare: Rs. 15.00 per service
  • Ride Time Journey Charge: Rs. 01.00 per minute
  • Rate :Rs. 04.00 per kilometre

No minimum delivery charge

No hidden charges are levied by SopoDely On its Users.

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