Last updated: July 23, 2019

Frequenty Asked Questions

What is Sopodely ?

  • Sopodely is an Insatnt Hyperlocal Logistics Service currently operational across the boundaries of Lucknow city.

    What Service do Sopodely provide?

  • Sopodely provides Instant, Easy, Safe, Secure and Cheap PICK-N-DROP as well as BUY-FOR-ME service for its users.

    What is PICK-N-DROP Service?

  • PICK-N-DROP simply refers to the delivery of desired parcel from one point to another within the operational city.

    What is BUY-FOR-ME ?

  • BUY-FOR-ME refers to the delivery of customer’s package purchased by the user from his/her desired store/outlet/kiosk/shop,Etc. for which the payment is made by SOPO on behalf of the user upto Rs 2000.

Can I contact my Delivery Partner?

  • Yes, Sopodely provides the contact detail of the delivery partner assigned for your task through which you can contact the delivery partner directly through the app.

Can I make prior bookings through the App?

Yes, You can make prior booking through our app for both PICK-N-DROP & BUY-FOR-ME services.

    What are the modes of payment available for the service to e availed?

  • SOPO accepts all permitted mode of payments like Cash on Delivery, Card Payments, Wallet Payments, Net banking and UPI.

What happens if I cancel the order?

A order can be cancelled before a delivery partner is assigned, however, once a delivery partner is assigned to you, cancellation of order will attract our minimum base fair (carry forwarded to your next request if left unpaid).

Can I get my refund on cancellation?

Sure, you will get your amount refunded within 48 Hrs back into your bank account, based on if cancellation was requested before or after the delivery partner was assigned.

What is the time limit for me to hand over the delivery item at the pick point to the delivery parter?

We request you to make sure that you hand over the delivery item to our delivery item within the 5 minutes of his arrival to avoid the halt charges i.e Re 01.00 per minute.

How will I know about my recent offers?

You can check your active and used offers in the section “My offers” of your app.

    Is there any time limit for me to use these offers?

  • Yes, each offer has its pre decided expiry time. Hence try to use your offers as soon as possible.
  • What if delivery Item is damaged?

    The care of your delivery item is our prior responsibility hence we take special care of it. In case of any damage to your delivery item by our delivery partner the case will be monitored and examined carefully and appropriate refund will be transferred to your account within 72 Hrs of your complain.

    How to handle my parcel to the delivery partner?

    The parcel should be sealed with signature on its opening by our designed “sealers” with the signature done on it. This is the responsibility of customer to seal the parcel in front of our delivery partner at the Pick point and open it themselves at the Drop point before the delivery partner leaves the spot.